INTERFONCTION LTD is a proud Quebec (Canadian) manufacturer of high-end aluminum and glass interior doors, recognized in the world of architecture and design for the quality of its materials and its exceptional products. In a continual quest for innovation, the company stands out with its distinctive products: sliding doors, swinging doors, pivoting doors, cabinets doors, fixed partitions and complementary systems, all made with recyclable materials. Inspired by European trends, the team designs, manufactures, and distributes its Kadrium and Sésame collections throughout Canada and the United States.

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The infinite creative possibilities;
The possibility of personalizing your interior design;
The quality of our products and our services;
A refined and contemporary style;
A structure made of 100% recyclable aluminum;
A structural stability (resistance to humidity and dryness);
A wide range of possible layouts;
Multiple panels options in a wide variety of colors and finishes;
Elegantly detailed products;
Technical and conceptual advice;
A meticulous installation team;
A short delivery turnover (~ 4-6 weeks).

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Why Interfonction


INTERFONCTION can create the door that does not yet exist! SESAME and KADRIUM doors offer a new and unique creative platform: a structure made of aluminum profiles, designed to insert various types of panels, makes it possible to offer planning solutions that are both aesthetic and functional, depending on the designer's inspiration.


In addition to aluminum, a material that is 100% recyclable, the use of reconstituted wood veneers and low-VOC particle board (or other non-toxic materials and finishes) contributes to the "green" side of the product. In addition, the useful life of the door can be extended by renewing the panels and updating the look. A major asset from an environmental point of view.


SESAME and KADRIUM doors can change over time. A simple replacement of panels allows them to be updated. The style of the interior design can thus be reinvented according to trends or the change in function of a room.


An essential element of the home, the door has often been considered solely for its utilitarian role. SESAME and KADRIUM doors are not only used to open and close rooms, but actively impact the personalization of the space. SESAME and KADRIUM is a new tool for designing contemporary interiors where the door plays an important role in the arrangement of the elements that make up the environment.


Making your door unique, thanks to a wide choice of materials, finishes and colors (over 2000 shades). In addition, the possibility of choosing different finishes back to back increases the potential for creativity. Custom made, SESAME and KADRIUM doors are offered in several options: sliding, pocket, swinging, pivoting or folding. We also offer fixed panels which can be combined with various door functions, creating a simple and versatile partition system.
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