Cleaning instructions


INTERFONCTION doors are very easy to clean.

In most cases, all you will need is a clean, damp and non-abrasive cotton cloth with mild liquid detergent or a house hold cleaner. Rince with clean water using a clean, non- abrasive cotton cloth.

Anodized aluminum structure

Regular cleaning of the anodized aluminum surface is essential to remove light dustt as well as dirt deposits. Proper cleaning will avoid stains and it is important to use the correct cleaning method. Using the wrong cleaning product can damage the anodic layer.

Dust deposit Hot water and soap or glass cleaner. Wipe well with a clean cloth to avoid salt stains (limestone)
Fatty deposits Organic solvent (ex: Kerosene or acetone) Rince surface with clean solvent with a cloth and dry to avoid dripping.
Heavy dirt of soot deposit Light abrasives (ex: magic eraser) and water. Clean, rinse and dry the surface.

The use of heavy abrasive pads (Example: steel wool or sand paper), very strong cleaning products (Automatic dishwasher products, laundry detergents) as well as basic cleaning or acidic products will damage the anodized finish.

If you find a surface scratch, it can be reduced by using a two toned eraser (only the pink side is recommended.)