Pocket doors are sliding doors that slide inside a wall. This option is very practical for optimizing space, whether that means eliminating the clearance required for a swinging door or dividing a room. They’re discreet and functional.

Pocket doors can be incorporated into our custom-made casing, which is designed to hold doors of architectural dimensions.

We can manufacture them according to a non-standard wall thickness if required. Ready to be installed in gypsum, our casings are available with a flush finish for a minimalist look; they can also be installed with moldings.







Anodized Grey (AL)

Anodized Black Matte (AB)

Custom Colors (Powder Coat)

Translucent glasses

Acid Wash - 4/6/10/12mm

Acid Wash Extra-Clear (Low Iron) - 4/6mm

Aqualite - 4mm

Clear - 3/4/5/6/8/10/12mm

Delta Matte - 4mm

Diamante - 4mm

Double-sided satin etch - 6mm

Extra-Clear (Low Iron) - 4/6/8/10mm

Extra Clear Bi-cannes - 4mm

Extra Clear Linen - 4mm

Extra Clear Structure - 4 mm

Flutex Clear - 4mm

Flutex Matte - 4mm

Glue Chip Clear - 4mm

Gothic - 4mm

Kriset - 4mm

Laminated Clear - 6mm &+

Laminated White - 6mm &+

Master Square - 4mm

mirror view - 6mm

reflective smoked bronze - 6mm

Reflective smoked grey - 6mm

robax clear - 4mm

Satin Plexi - 3mm

Screen - 4mm

Smoked Black - 6mm

Smoked Black Satin - 6mm

Smoked Bronze - 4mm

Smoked Bronze Satin - 4mm

Smoked Grey - 4/5/10mm

Smoke Grey Bi-cannes - 4mm

Smoked Grey Linen - 4mm

Smoked Grey Satin - 4mm

Smoked grey Structure - 4mm

timeless clear - 10mm

Wired Clear - 6mm

Wired Dark - 6mm

Opaque glasses

Extra-Clear Glass - Color Match - 4/6/8/10 mm

Kadricolor Beige - 4mm

Kadricolor Blue Grey - 4mm

Kadricolor Blue Ocean - 4mm

Kadricolor Blue Overseas - 4mm

Kadricolor Chocolate - 4 mm

Kadricolor Fuchsia - 4mm

Kadricolor Jet Black - 4mm

Kadricolor Jet Black Satin - 4mm

Kadricolor Metallic Grey - 4mm

Kadricolor Lime Green - 4mm

Kadricolor Pure White - 4/6mm

Kadricolor Pure White Satin - 4mm

Kadricolor Red Bordeaux - 4mm

Kadricolor Red Signal - 4mm

Kadricolor Turquoise - 4mm


Antique Mirror - 5mm

Bronze Mirror - 5mm

Bronze Satin Mirror - 4mm

Clear Mirror - 3/4/5mm

Clear Satin Mirror - 4mm

Smoked Grey Mirror - 4mm

Smoked Grey Satin Mirror - 4mm

Smoked Grey Structure Mirror - 4mm

Other inserts

Dekton ARGA - 4mm

Dekton AURA 15 - 4mm

Dekton BROMO - 4mm

Dekton EDORA - 4mm

Dekton HALO - 4mm

Dekton Kreta - 4mm

Dekton LAOS - 4mm

Dekton Laurent - 4mm

Dekton LUNAR - 4mm

Dekton REM - 4mm

Dekton Sirius - 4mm

Dekton TRILIUM - 4mm