Folding doors are mainly used for wardrobes or closets where the limited space doesn’t permit the movement of a swinging door or the use of sliding doors.

SÉSAME folding doors are offered in single or double version. They are available in each of our collections and are characterized by their infinite potential for customization. We also offer you a wide selection of decorative handles.

Available with natural anodized grey, anodized black, or powder coat frames, we can integrate panels in different materials and finishes to create various looks.



Anodized Grey (AL)

Anodized Black Matte (AB)

Custom Colors (Powder Coat)

Translucent glasses

Acid Wash - 4/6/10/12mm

Acid Wash Extra-Clear (Low Iron) - 4/6mm

Aqualite - 4mm

Clear - 3/4/5/6/8/10/12mm

Delta Matte - 4mm

Diamante - 4mm

Double-sided satin etch - 6mm

Extra-Clear (Low Iron) - 4/6/8/10mm

Extra Clear Bi-cannes - 4mm

Extra Clear Linen - 4mm

Extra Clear Structure - 4 mm

Flutex Clear - 4mm

Flutex Matte - 4mm

Glue Chip Clear - 4mm

Gothic - 4mm

Kriset - 4mm

Laminated Clear - 6mm &+

Laminated White - 6mm &+

Master Square - 4mm

mirror view - 6mm

reflective smoked bronze - 6mm

Reflective smoked grey - 6mm

robax clear - 4mm

Satin Plexi - 3mm

Screen - 4mm

Smoked Black - 6mm

Smoked Black Satin - 6mm

Smoked Bronze - 4mm

Smoked Bronze Satin - 4mm

Smoked Grey - 4/5/10mm

Smoke Grey Bi-cannes - 4mm

Smoked Grey Linen - 4mm

Smoked Grey Satin - 4mm

Smoked grey Structure - 4mm

timeless clear - 10mm

Wired Clear - 6mm

Wired Dark - 6mm

Opaque glasses

Extra-Clear Glass - Color Match - 4/6/8/10 mm

Kadricolor Beige - 4mm

Kadricolor Blue Grey - 4mm

Kadricolor Blue Ocean - 4mm

Kadricolor Blue Overseas - 4mm

Kadricolor Chocolate - 4 mm

Kadricolor Fuchsia - 4mm

Kadricolor Jet Black - 4mm

Kadricolor Jet Black Satin - 4mm

Kadricolor Metallic Grey - 4mm

Kadricolor Lime Green - 4mm

Kadricolor Pure White - 4/6mm

Kadricolor Pure White Satin - 4mm

Kadricolor Red Bordeaux - 4mm

Kadricolor Red Signal - 4mm

Kadricolor Turquoise - 4mm


Antique Mirror - 5mm

Bronze Mirror - 5mm

Bronze Satin Mirror - 4mm

Clear Mirror - 3/4/5mm

Clear Satin Mirror - 4mm

Smoked Grey Mirror - 4mm

Smoked Grey Satin Mirror - 4mm

Smoked Grey Structure Mirror - 4mm

Other inserts

Dekton ARGA - 4mm

Dekton AURA 15 - 4mm

Dekton BROMO - 4mm

Dekton EDORA - 4mm

Dekton HALO - 4mm

Dekton Kreta - 4mm

Dekton LAOS - 4mm

Dekton Laurent - 4mm

Dekton LUNAR - 4mm

Dekton REM - 4mm

Dekton Sirius - 4mm

Dekton TRILIUM - 4mm